About Me

Things I love and am super grateful for in my life right now;  James (my Partner), my amazing besties (there are a few), my wonderful woodland in East Sussex (look out for info on our 2021 Retreats including “Forgiveness with Cacao” to be held there, my fabulous campervan called “Scooby” (who has provided sanctuary many times and been totally awesome at festivals), my allotment, my beautiful Bees (I have 5 colonies right now), the fairies and the angels and all my special healing allies. For being alive and super blessed. And for Cacao of course!

I started my career training as a Nurse in the British Army, and whilst I loved looking after people, I felt there was something missing from the traditional medical model. I became aware of complementary therapies in my very early 20’s undertook a full-time diploma in massage, reflexology, aromatherapy and nutrition (with a few exciting extras fitted in).

I continued to use nursing as my day job, and through a chance job offer discovered that physical, psychological and return to work rehabilitation in the UK on the NHS was way behind many other first world countries. This led me to set up my own business and launch my career in the field of Case Management. My career has taken a few twists and turns and I am now MD of a niche Occupational Therapy company delivering hands on Rehabilitation in peoples home and communities.

During my full-time career in the rehabilitation industry, I continued to practice healing therapies and to learn new techniques including Reiki and Angelic Reiki and crystal healing. The angels showed up in my life big time in the early 90’s – initially through Angel Oracle cards which I started reading for friends and family. However, I never really felt I had found my healing niche. Then in 2016 one of my best friends invited me to a festival in Portugal called Boom (might have had something to do with me owning a campervan 😊)

The theme of the festival was Shamanism, I spent the days listening to many Shaman from around the globe talk about their lives and their work and not only was I fascinated but I felt drawn to find out more and to learn how to heal using some of the practices they spoke about. Many of these practices involved drumming which has always been a passion of mine. One lady in particular drew my attention, an Urban Shaman called Rebekah Shaman When I got back home I looked her up and bought her book “The last Apprentice” it was an incredible story which inspired me to follow my intuition and pursue my fascination for this oldest of healing arts. I found a weekend workshop in London run by a gentleman called Simon Buxton he too had a book out “The Shamanic way of the Bee” it was his story about how he found Shamanism,  I read it in two sittings and was signed up to the weekend within 48 hours. He teaches at the sacred trust and after my weekend workshop I signed up for 3 courses, one was their “two week intensive in advanced principles & practices found in classical shamanism” and I have found these practices to be extremely powerful. During this time, I also continued to heal my own life and this led me to attend one of Rebekah Shamans Cacao Ceremonies in London. I found this to have a profound effect on me and when I saw on her website that she was holding a training retreat to teach others how to hold cacao ceremonies I knew I had to be on that course, that it was part of my journey. And that is exactly what happened. The week I spent with Rebekah and 9 other equally enthusiastic women, learning about the magical plant medicine Cacao and meeting her beautiful spirit, was the most profound and life changing of my life so far.

I was gifted this amazing opportunity and I promised cacao that I would share her magic with the world so here I am – Helen Cacaoista – ready to serve You and Cacao and Cacao to you   – let the journey and the magic begin !