Cacao Ceremonies

What to expect!

A cacao ceremony is a beautiful opportunity to take a shamanic journey to meet the spirit of Cacao. A time for stillness and inner peace, away from the outside world. On meeting with cacao’s spirit, she will help you to reconnect with your true self and your own inner knowing. She will help you find clarity and the answers you seek and give you guidance for the next steps you need to take.

Cacao is a powerful Plant Medicine that also helps us to release emotional blockages that no longer serve us, find forgiveness in ourselves and others, and shows us the way forward if we are stuck or afraid of making the necessary life changes in order to move on. It enables us to access stuck emotions, conditionings, patterns of behaviour and addictions that are buried deep in the unconscious and release them in safe and nurturing environment.

We will drink the cacao ceremonially together in a ritual, I will then guide you on a shamanic journey to meet the Cacao Spirit, to discover more about yourself, open your heart, and find peace and clarity. Cacao is not psycho-active and doesn’t take you out of your body. Everyone will experience Cacao differently. It all depends on an individual’s extra sensory perception and how Cacao works with you.

Ceremonies are limited to a maximum of 6 people per ceremony in Claygate and max 10 in the woodland, East Sussex. – they usually last approximately 2 ½ to 3 hours, but perhaps leave a little longer so you are not feeling rushed.

In person Ceremonies now include a sound bath at the end.

How to prepare and make the most of the ceremony

 Cacao is a powerful, yet also a very gentle plant medicine, there are not many things you can’t do leading up to a ceremony. However, the following would make for the best experience.

  • Depending on the time of the ceremony, only have a light breakfast / lunch and then avoid eating for a minimum of 3 hours beforehand
  • Try to avoid caffeine or any other stimulants on the day, but please refrain for at least 3 hours prior to the ceremony start time – cacao also acts as a stimulant
  • Give serious thought as to what you want to gain from the ceremony – what is your intention?
  • Leave plenty of time to get to the ceremony so that you are not rushed or stressed when you arrive

Please note: If you are late you will not be permitted to come in, as it will disrupt the rest of the group and you will have missed an integral part of the ceremony

What to bring with you:  

  • An open mind 😊
  • Your intention for the ceremony
  • A pillow & blanket or something comfortable to lie on
  • Your own special mug to drink cacao out of
  • I also suggest bringing a journal & pen for recording your experience
  • Water bottle
  • Some cash / card if you want to buy some ceremonial grade cacao after the ceremony