Purchase Cacao

I sell Ecuadorian Tsatsayaku Cacao which is from the Fino de Aroma Bean, wild-harvested, organic, non-GMO and directly supporting the Tsatsayaku Association. Helping these communities to maintain and sustain their traditional way of life

To purchase please call Helen 07971-798462 or email: info@helencacaoista.co.uk

Raw Ceremonial Grade Cacao

100g – £13

250g – £22

500g – £35

Plus Postage and Packaging (at cost)

Cacao Ceremony Bundle

Everything you need for a ceremony at home


Raw Ceremonial Cacao (100-500g)

70ml Agua de Florida

1 stick of Palo Santo

Price per bundle with:

100g Cacao – £18 (enough for 2 ceremonies)

 250g Cacao – £27

 500g Cacao – £40

Plus Postage and Packing (at cost)