What People Say

“This was my first Cacao ceremony and I am so glad I decided to do this beautiful ritual with Helen! Helen created a wonderful space and explained everything beautifully. I found her gentle guiding and nurturing support across the group throughout the experience very comforting and inspiring. Helen's own joy in the experience is very infectious and the ritual and journey itself was very gentle, deeply nurturing and cleansing. I found myself drenched in a deep calm afterward and the sense of clarity I gained during the experience has remained with me. I would highly recommend this experience and could not be more grateful to Helen for introducing me to the restorative and inspirational powers of sacred Cacao.
If you have a chance to join Helen for this experience, don’t hesitate!
Chiswick - London
“Helen’s cacao ceremony was a lovely, relaxing and enlightening adventure! Helen has a wonderful warm heart which makes you feel so welcome. None of us knew what to expect but the Sacred Cacao tasted delicious and after drinking it we made ourselves comfortable and warm while Helen took us through a gentle but insightful meditation. At the end I felt so relaxed, as if I had slept but I don’t think I had, and i had a glowing feeling of happiness and wellbeing; that everything is going to be fine! Everyone there had a pleasant but different experience; gaining different guidance and inspirations.
Helen’s Sacred Cacao Ceremony is a lovely thing to do with a friend or family member and I would highly recommend it.”
Emma Mitchell
Massage Therapist & Reflexologist - Winchester
‘I recently attended one of Helen’s cacao ceremonies and it was an amazing experience.  The complete calm lasted for weeks .  I hadn’t really understood about cacao and its use in ancient ceremonies by Amazonian tribes and all the amazing properties it contains.  I hadn’t understood about the massive health benefits of taking cacao (huge amount of antioxidants) but I now take it instead of coffee. Before I was a coffee addict but now just one small cup of cacao in the morning has weaned me off my craving for coffee completely.  My hair and skin feel amazing.  Helen uses the highest grade organic Ceremonial cacao straight from the source of production in her ceremonies.   
Helen is also a Shaman and so I found the ceremony fascinating!  I can’t recommend enough!'
Suzanne Wheaton - BSc (Hons) LicAc DipTn MBAcC
5 Element Acupuncturist